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Hello, We Are Hermosa Center!

Hermosa Yoga was founded to provide a welcoming place where people of all levels can come explore, grow and laugh together. Yoga is a serious discipline, but it should also be fun!

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We love our happy clients!

  • My understanding and appreciation of Yoga has broadened greatly. I would highly recommend this unit of study for all who have the desire to understand the joy that yoga practice brings to ones life and beyond.

  • As a teacher Hayden inspired me in the art of teaching and the desire to convey knowledge more than any other teacher in my life so thank you for that Hayden and I know you will continue to do the same in your unique way to others.

  • I’ve always been impressed with your deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how this flows through your classes, and is passed on to the students on both  an individual level and  class level. I have always been encouraged by your calm assurance & find your teaching methods motivating.

  • Hannah Spencer
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Jerry Hansen
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